The Westfield Presbyterian Nursery School and Kindergarten began in 1948 and has offered young children a loving and caring learning environment for 70 years.  PNS&K provides a setting where children may discover the world around them through PLAY, investigation, and inquisitive thought in our preschool and kindergarten programs.  Preschool children are engaged in hands-on learning experiences with NJ certified Early Childhood teacher with BA or Masters and an assistant teacher with a Child Development Associate Degree or BA in each of our classes. Our 2.5 and 3 year old classes consist of 12 students while our 4 year old classes consist of 16.

Kindergarteners attend a unique full-day program with 2 NJ State certified full-time teachers in each of our three classes, most with Master Degrees.  Our teachers provide an active learning environment while meeting all of NJ standards and curriculum requirements.  Our small class sizes with an 8:1 ratio of children to certified teacher enables individualized and differentiated education.

The children are encouraged to:

  • Develop confidence in themselves and their decisions enabling them to explore the unknown
  • Develop social skills and positive relationships with others
  • Develop and implement critical thinking skills
  • Develop a love of learning and discovering the world around them
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills and coordination
  • Develop communication, expressive/receptive language skills