PNS Facility PlaygroundPNS&K is located in downtown Westfield directly next to Mindowaskin Park adjacent to the police department.  The preschool and kindergarten classes use Mindowaskin park as their nature discovery center and enjoy frequent visits to observe and discover ‘changes’.   The school is in easy walking distance to downtown Westfield which enables community field trips and weekly walks to the library for our kindergarteners.

PNS&K has large outside playgrounds overlooking Mindowaskin pond.  Our private driveway enables students to be dropped off and picked up directly onto the playgrounds with the assistance of their own teachers.  The preschool and kindergarten students begin each day with outside play fostering gross motor and social skills development.   Our playgrounds enable an easy transition to the start of the school day.

A  large indoor playground is utilized during inclement weather or for special events.  Our ‘Play Room’  is equipped with climbing apparatuses, a five-seat stationery bicycle, ride-on vehicles, 1 or 2 person scooters  and many other gross motor materials.  There is also a block building area, a puppet theater and a library area.



Nursery School & Kindergarten FacilityOur school boasts bright, spacious classrooms with various learning centers and activities.  Our classrooms are bright and spacious with varied play areas and materials to challenge and encourage cognitive and social development.

Teachers vary the materials and activities to coincide with the current theme and lessons that each class is working on.

The children are encouraged to discover and learn new concepts and skills through hands-on learning activities.  Artwork is related to the themes and discoveries are shared during circle time meetings.